How sweet is little Harper!? She was nearly 3 months old at the time of her Kamloops studio newborn session! Not much of a newborn anymore! Her Mom had messaged me about doing newborn photos, saying she had missed out when Harper was born because of the covid closures. She wanted to know if we could still get some of the newborn-ish sleepy photos. Its definitely harder to pose them and get them to sleep as they get older, but I told her that I would give it a shot!

I was able to capture some adorable awake shots, then with a bit of patience and persistence, we were able to get her to sleep for those adorable sleepy photos!

Baby girl newborn photography purple fabric backdrop
Baby girl newborn photography egg wrap on purple backdrop
Baby girl newborn photography, older newborn, pink colours setup with flower crown
Older newborn photography, baby girl in pink cradle with bonnet

newborn studio photography baby girl white bed setup
Baby girl macro studio newborn photography
Baby girl newborn photography neutral set with fur on dark wood backdrop

newborn studio photography caramel tones baby girl
baby girl newborn photography parent posing with mom and dad
Baby girl newborn photography poses with mom and dad
newborn studio photography baby girl with dad

Newborn studio photography parent posing with mom and dad.
Check out more of my work here, or click to book your own newborn session!

Newborn sessions are best done when your baby is about 2 weeks old! This is so they are nice and sleepy during their session and easier to put into those curly poses! As they get a bit older, they are more awake and alert and don’t like to be posed as much!

Harper’s Kamloops studio newborn session featured some of my favourite props! The little white bed and the pink cradle are from Rozzi Rayne Studio Props. The beautiful flower crown and grey headband are from Created by Carli. The stunning leaf headband is made by Poppy and Cy.

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